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Reviews from Past Clients

These are actual emails from clients. If you need references, I can provide. Identities were held for privacy!

Michelle is a natural coach and facilitator. Some years ago she created an event called, Adult Talk where she invited those who attended to question and challenge their beliefs and assumptions about relationships, as well as, how they see themselves and others. It was there where I had the opportunity to experience firsthand how Michelle is patient and observant with an innate ability listen deeply and illuminate what lies beneath the surface. Wise beyond her years, the questions she posed during those Adult Talk sessions, as well as, during times the two of us spent one on one, were always positioned in such a way to invite opportunities for self-discovery. The insight I gained from Michelle helped me evaluate  what was most important in my life and was instrumental in my decision to reconcile with my spouse. And of course, I still turn to her whenever I am thinking about taking on a new opportunity or experiencing a challenge because I trust her insight and know that she is always looking to help me discover what is best for me. Michelle is simply awesome!

Michelle is an amazing life coach.  I originally went to see Michelle for some life and business coaching. She's professional as well as warm and accommodating.

Her energy and enthusiasm is extremely contagious and the best part of the experience is her honesty.  She was able to help me understand the root of my frustrations within myself and, ultimately, my relationship with others. Not only does she give the most inspiring and thought provoking insight she is completely non-judgemental.  Michelle has given me practical, effective tools and perspectives that have completely shifted my way of maintaining positive thinking thus living my best life. The sense of accomplishment and peace from having spent time with her is without question, one of the best decisions I have made.

Believing god brings angels in your life to coach and help navigate through rough patches in life .meeting you for the first time  for me I easily felt your vibe you made it easy to open up in talk to from your personality and  Hospitality that's saying alot from someone who's   little stand offish and  socially awkward.since meeting you I've been more open  Honest and hard criticism and been able to  reflect on pass situations  Which helps me on situations

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