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Action Plan

Why is it important to identify foundational or core values? What happens when we do not live in alignment with our values?

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Timely. These five attributes help transform dreams into actual goals that can be achieved through commitment and a practical plan of action plan. Each client may have different goals, and these may be related to several different areas of life, including family, career, finances, leisure/hobbies, relationships, spiritual or physical health, fitness and personal development. Regardless of the area of life that the goal relates to, it needs to satisfy the SMART criteria, so that the client is able to make a plan of action, in order to achieve this goal.

The 7 Benefits of Life Coaching:

1. The process helps enhance clarity of thought through questioning, etc.

2. Clients are able to examine their lives dispassionately and live their lives to the fullest extent.

3. Life Coaches are able to help clients identify what they really want in their lives.

4. Clients are able to understand mental blocks and insecurities that may be preventing them from moving forward.

5. You can help clients enjoy fulfilling relationships with loved ones.

6. Life coaching helps promote better work-life balance.

7.  As a life coach, you can help raise the levels of accountability and commitment.

Read each bullet point, and try to answer each one. Call me to help you achieve your goals

  • Most unhappiness and frustration is due to the misalignment of our core values with our daily lives. Discovering our core values is essential to goal setting, decision-making and enjoying a better work-life balance. Clients should be able to determine the time that they spend on activities that are not important to them, so that they are able to make time for those things that matter to them the most. After discovering your core values, we understand that work is what we do but that it does not define who we are. You learn the areas of your life that need adjusting, in order to progress on the path that you really want. This may involve making extra time for learning, studying, training or practice.

  • What are limiting beliefs, and how do they hold you back from achieving what you want?

Taking a personality test will help you identify your personality traits. Here are my results.

You have a blend of Supportive, Cautious, and Dominant traits. Your Supportive traits are probably a little stronger than your Cautious or Dominant traits.

Some words that describe you are:

  • Helpful,

  • Kind,

  • Results-oriented, and

  • Careful

You have both people-oriented and task-oriented traits, although you may tend a little towards a task-oriented perspective. You can either be reserved or outgoing. You probably like to get things done in a way that protects other people's feelings. It is likely that you are supportive and careful, but you can get moving and make things happen if necessary.

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