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The Leaf Angelz Experience

Tampa is known as the “Cigar Capitol” , it's only fair that me and my team
help visitors with an amazing Cigar Culture Experience. 

A little background on The Leaf Angelz. 

The Leaf Angelz has been blessed to have been all around the world touring
various lounges and having so many wonderful experiences meeting cigar
lounge owners, and smoking Cigars with various cultures that enjoy the Leaf
as we do. 

Leaf Angelz was started in 2018, in Maryland, with Annette, who is known as
Cigar Lady Annette in the industry, and her friend Monique, also known as
Cigar Bartech.
We hosted Cigar events and offered our service to others in the industry,
that's when we became the " Leaf Angelz". We love helping brothers and
sisters of the Leaf, as well as using our platform to help under privileged
youths through fundraising. Monique continues her work as Cigar Bartech in

However, Annette who is originally from Los Angeles, CA., could not handle
the Maryland winter, so she moved to what she calls, "The cigar capital of the
world"...and warmth. 

About Cigar Lady Annette:

Annette is well versed in the industry. She has been a cigar rep, she owned a
Cigar lounge and has been hosting Cigar lounge events and Cigar lounge
crawls for over 14 years. 

Annette moved to Tampa, Florida, over a year ago, and in a short time, has
become very familiar with the Cigar Culture. 

Annette said she gets calls and IM from so many people around the world
about where to smoke and what to smoke when they come visit Florida, that it
was only fitting to bring the Leaf Angelz Experience to Tampa, Florida.

We are creating a wonderful team here in Tampa, and we know you will enjoy
the "Leaf Angelz Experience"

What we offer:
-Cigar lounge crawls, which includes the transportation. Pick up from one
- Cigar Rolling classes
- Cigar and Spirits tastings

Prices will vary depending upon the times reserved, and the amount of
However, we only do groups no more than 10 people.

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National Cigar Lounge Tour

 Video & Pictures from Tour

May 13-23, 2016

© 2018 The Leaf Angelz/OlfactoryMedia LLC

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